More Songs About California

by The Buckos

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released July 22, 2013

The Buckos are
Karrie Milligan and Bill Jones

All songs are written and
produced by The Buckos
copyright 2013

Recorded and mastered at
SunCrush Studios in sunny
Seattle Washington

A very special thanks to Jim
Cliff who played cello on
Tantalus, Charlie Chaplin and
bass on Leda Reclining and

Art design by Kerri Jones



all rights reserved


The Buckos Seattle, Washington

Bill Jones and Karrie Milligan first met one afternoon when she chased him home from elementary school.

In high-school,They found each other again through mutual friends, and a love of skipping class for coffee and doughnuts.

Today, after years of making music together and apart, in
bands and dynamic duo situations, Karrie and Bill are proud to call The Buckos their very own.
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Track Name: California
It’s so good to leave the fog behind I left my heart in San Francisco ten years disappeared but I didn’t kill time I murdered it I didn’t go blind I Helen Keller’d it I didn’t lose my mind I blew it from the grassy knoll I was the bullet I didn't bruise my soul I ICU’d it all that glitters gold is just junk the building lights go out one by one the sailboat in the sunset sunk in California
Track Name: Lighter
Why do you spark a million things set fire to the floor and the ceiling this house is coming down piece by piece just go and I’ll put out the fire you can take your lighter tears shining and swimming are all I need there is no special place in heaven for a fighter and you couldn't hit the broadside of a barn just go and I’ll put out the fire you can take your lighter I’m going back to zero still life in bruised fruit and wine stand there and play your fiddle but this song is mine I'm going back to zero I’m going home if you want to be Nero and burn down Rome
Track Name: Magenta
The sky was magenta that night and I walked home singing in spite of you and your memory the wind pushed the leaves past my coat and I walked on wishing I’d float back to you like Spring we are who we are never too much or too purely the only thing I can say is I guess I loved you too early the sky was magenta that night the moon hung up yellow and bright and I was free the rain soaked through my coat but I took the long way home and my shadow followed me we love who we love never too much or too purely the only thing I can say is I haven’t found myself nearly my eyes are still blue and I expect yours are still green I hurt you and I haven’t heard a thing
Track Name: Sleep With The Fishes
Between the whisperings and the champagne and the stars tonight I walk with my regret of who we now are but this is my new heart so clean and this is my new art everything is green I thought I was good beautiful and true I wanted to be the rabbit on the moon but I can barely live with all I’ve done and thought and felt better chill now hard or melt been sad still sad so tired so hard still sad still tired still hard I lived in places I can’t explain I remember faces not names broke all the wedding dishes sleep with the fishes
Track Name: Climbing The Ladder
There’s a way to make the day go sleep before the sun sets good is not all good gets the fog sneaks in as I watch like the frog that boils in the pot slowly adapting and then pop a lot of thought went into this short verse from birth to the hearse who am I what have I got it’s one day out of many that disappears before your eyes fog frog white light I have bad dreams you appear and steal everything there is no amount of sleep that isn’t shattered your love was a rabbit hole and I am climbing the ladder
Track Name: Throat
Is it the tide or time that weighs you down is it the jealousy of the sea or broken dreams if I moved to California would you stay around or would you pound me on the shore and skin my knee is it the sunset or the sun that you miss is it the memory of the trees or elegance washed away in the waves and sunk in the sand every note from my throat every line in your hand I’m a fish in the net you’re every letter of my alphabet I tell the ghost beside my bed everything I should have said
Track Name: Tantalus
Blame it on Zeus blame it on me blame it on you but I can’t blame it on my youth blame it on Mars 35 million miles away so close but it won’t stay Tantalus luggage lost you learned the secrets of the gods and you told everyone Tantalus love won Tantalus life is long pouring god into god chin deep in purification but Tantalus love won
Track Name: Leda Reclining
Ganesh trample over these dark years deliver me from my lonely trial I see not as things are but as I am no amount of darkness can hide my light now what’s left is half mortal and half divine pulsating blocks of color and lightning all from the white rush of experience and Leda reclining wealth buys leisure but not wisdom or the colors in Rothko’s no. 10 white red orange and blue is freedom but faults grow thick where love grows thin if God is dead and Zeus was the swan this chicken crossed the road for nothing and no one Leda do not sweat what you did just be good now or be good at it
Track Name: Charlie Chaplin
I see Charlie Chaplin walking to work he looks a lot like me thinking and sinking into the earth trying to seize the dream I made something ugly into a hero a princess into a pauper of heart these days I am so unfamiliar Charlie gets an early start Saint Maria I want to be one of your children tending to fields of wine and sitting in the garden for acres and acres of time there would be vast diamond silence in what possibilities remain but I’m trapped on an island and lost in a maze Maria I’ve seen better days I’m just a word trying to remember another word a sweeter song I’ve no more ink for old temptations and the paper is gone
Track Name: Thorn
The rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorn just between me and you and the lamppost don’t cry because it’s over smile because it was for the life of me I loved you just because when you’re in hell you gotta keep on walking stay listening keep smiling stop talking it’s a good sore diving down the rabbit hole sometimes when you’re in hell you don’t know love is a slow decay and I’m in my own way like glass on the beach half awake and half asleep not thinking just drinking and falling at your feet